Custom orthopedic inserts are custom-designed devices which are placed inside the shoes. They help correct any minor or major misalignments in your foot, relieve leg or foot pain, and improve one’s balance and posture. They can be incorporated into your shoe’s structure or inserted into the sole. Customized orthotics aren’t basic inserts found in local stores. They are designed to fit your unique foot shape.

What Is the Process?

First, a cast will be made of your foot. This is a simple process, starting with a standard impression of both of your feet. While there are many types of casts, the most common looks like a box with a space for a single foot. You place each of your bare feet in the box, one at a time. The malleable surface will adapt to the shape and size of your foot. This creates an impression of your foot.

After making a cast of your foot, a medical professional will order the custom orthopedic inserts for you. They send the molds to a laboratory which will rely on state-of-the-art procedures to create orthotics aimed at stabilizing your foot and correcting ongoing issues. Most are made from very stable rubber materials and some have extra padding depending on your weight.

After a few weeks, your customized orthotics will be delivered. In most cases, custom orthotics are manufactured from very stable rubber materials.

Get Used to Your New Custom Orthotics

You may feel uncomfortable when you first begin using custom orthotics. Many first-time users worry they don’t fit right and say their shoes feel heavy. Give it a week. With time, they conform to your foot and become comfortable. Even within the first few weeks of consistent use, many people notice positive results.

Custom orthotics can be easily created for almost any type or size of shoe, from high-heeled shoes to work boots. Of course, some shoes are simply too shallow for customized orthotics. Keep this in mind when buying shoes. Ask a retailer if your new shoes are compatible with orthotics.

Other Benefits of Custom Orthopedic Inserts

custom orthopedic insertsOrthotics aren’t just for sufferers of foot pain. People experiencing knee, hip, or back pain can also benefit from orthotics. They are even used by patients managing arthritis-related pain. Foot pain may be caused by a variety of health issues, including diabetes. The great thing about custom orthotics is that, since they are specifically tailored to every person’s needs, they can treat a large range of problems. An athlete suffering from foot pain may receive one specific kind of treatment, while a person suffering from inflamed ligaments or broken bones may receive a very different orthotics treatment.

Custom orthopedic inserts are designed to properly align your ligaments, bones, and tendons in the lower legs and feet. They relieve the pressure and stress from your feet and can improve the overall performance of your muscles overtime. Untreated pain and stress on your feet can result in severe health disorders in the future.

Contact a professional to learn more about how orthotics can improve endurance and strength in your low extremities.

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