Causes, Symptoms and Treatment for Ankle Sprains & Chronic Instability

Ankle sprains (or sprained ankles) are common sports injuries for both adults and children. One of the most common foot injuries, an ankle sprain occurs when one or multiple ligaments tear. Most active people have experienced an ankle sprain at some point in their lives.

Many people suffer from inversion ankle sprains, which occur when ligaments on the outside of the ankle tear. While a common injury, chronic instability may result if the ligaments don’t heal well.

Should You Seek Medical Advice?

Simply put, yes. Severe ankle pain should be examined by professionals, especially after an injury. Since ankle sprains are so common, most people underestimate their severity. However, ankle sprains can be underestimated. A neglected ankle sprain can result in long-term pain and chronic instability, requiring a significant investment of time and money in the future.

Ankle Sprain Symptoms

The primary symptom of any sprain is pain. For ankle sprains, pain will be felt on the surface of the ankle and the foot. Often the pain worsens whenever a small about of pressure is applied. Immense pain around the bone and the ligaments make putting weight on the foot difficult. A bruise forms as a result of ruptured vessels. The affected area often swells due to the bleeding and tearing of ligaments. Pain depends on the severity of the injury. Some patients are unable to walk because torn ligaments alter the foot structure.

Diagnosing the Intensity of a Sprained Ankle

sprained-ankleHere at Foot & Ankle Specialists of New Mexico, we examine and treat ankle sprains and chronic ankle instability. Our team of highly-skilled doctors use the latest medical technology to evaluate your condition.

Our physicians first examine the ankle’s stability and look for abnormal rotation in order to identify the intensity of the injury and conclude the best treatment options. We then test the muscles in order to evaluate weakness or injury. Sometimes a doctor will need to rely on x-rays to determine if the injury is a fracture or sprain. Sometimes special stress x-rays are used to evaluate the intensity of damage.

Occasionally, our physicians at Foot & Ankle Specialists of New Mexico order an MRI scan if they suspect severe damage to your ligaments. They also may order a CT scan in cases involving bone injury.

Treatments for Severe Ankle Sprains and Torn Ligaments

A well-treated ankle sprain will usually heal properly. Research shows that 30% of ankle sprains worsen. Overusing your ankle before recovering your strength leaves your ankle weak and susceptible to future sprains. It is very important to rest and protect your ankle in order to prevent injury in the future.

Prescribed Therapy

Our physicians will carefully access your injury before prescribing a therapy which may include cold therapy or compression. For severe injuries, our doctors may prescribe more aggressive therapies. In some serious cases, surgery is necessary.

Why Choose Us?

Foot & Ankle Specialists of New Mexico is one of the highest-rated providers of foot and ankle care in the US and we are dedicated to living up to our great reputation. Our medical team will assess your issue and treat your ankle with the highest professional standards in podiatry. We not only offer a warm welcome and patient-centered care, but we will be here to help you through any medical procedure, from conservative treatments to surgeries. Foot & Ankle Specialists of New Mexico was established by doctors with a mission to help and educate patients. Our practice stands at the forefront of medical technology. Timely and comprehensive treatment is of the utmost importance. Our long history of patient satisfaction attests to our guarantee that you will receive only the best care!

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