What Are Achilles Tendons?

The Achilles tendon is fundamental to your foot mobility. Running from the calf to the foot, it is the strongest and largest tendon in the body. It’s so strong, it can hold up to 1000 pounds! This tendon makes it possible to walk, jump, and stand on your tip-toes. An injury to the Achilles tendon is no laughing matter. Not only is it incredibly painful, it can impede movement.

Achilles Tendons Injuries— Treatment

Fixing an Achilles injury is a complicated process, sometimes requiring difficult surgeries. At Foot and Ankle Specialists of New Mexico, we offer expert knowledge regarding Achilles tear treatments. We use cutting-edge technology to repair and strengthen the tendon. Doctors and skilled specialists have manufactured a special hardware with advanced graft material to more efficiently repair the tendon.

Common Tendon Injuries

First, you should speak to a trained medical professional to understand what type of injury you have. The most common injuries include the following:


Achilles tendonitis is inflammation or irritation of the tendon. It causes soreness, stiffness, and pain where the tendon attaches to the heel bone. Various factors cause inflammation including incorrect posture and poor conditioning before exercise.


When tendonitis is not treated properly, it can progress into Achilles tendonosis. Tendonosis is a chronic form of tendonitis. Scar tissue formed during tendonitis pulls and puts more pressure the tendon. Many people hope the pain will simply go away but usually this is a grave mistake. The body may adapt to the injury making it more difficult to treat. Always get medical support even if there isn’t much pain. The injury may worsen and leave you in a more severe situation later.

Available Treatment for Achilles Tendon Injuries

The most effective treatment happens when the injury is new. Always seek help immediately after injury. If you wait, the body may become accustomed to the injury, making it more difficult to fix. People who seek treatment early resolve their problem 90 percent of the time.

Traditional Interventions for Tendon Injuries

Physical therapy for your achilles tendon injuries is one of the most common methods for treating tendon injuries. Your muscles will be trained through therapy to repair correctly. This is a very effective treatment to eliminate pain and discomfort and to promote flexibility.

Using custom orthotics is another viable treatment. By molding the orthotics to fit individual shoes, they are able to absorb the impact in affected and painful areas. They also help correct the foot alignment and improve balance.

When sought early, both treatments help correct the injury without the need of invasive procedures.

Non-surgical Intervention

PRP Injections

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections introduce proteins called growth factors into the body which encourage healing in damaged tissues.

Surgical Interventions

Although very rare, Achilles tendonitis surgery can be performed to lengthen the calf muscles. This diminishes the stress in the tendon and eases stiffness which causes swelling and pain. The procedure results in better mobility and eliminates pain.

Equally rare, Achilles tendonosis surgery is a procedure which involves removing the scar tissue around the tendon. This scar tissue inhibits healing. The procedure allows the patient to heal correctly.

Why Choose Us?

At Foot and Ankle Specialists of New Mexico – Rio Ranco, we have all the technology and expertise to help you with your tendon injury. Not only do we offer the best equipment for diagnostics and treatment, our highly-trained specialists are capable of everything from advising you through conservative treatments to performing surgeries. No matter if you suffer from a minor tear or a serious tendon injury, we have the resources and skills to help you get back to your normal routine.

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